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How It Works?

Know your roots and educate your children’s about your family and ancestors by just adding your known family and relatives to your family tree and then send them a request to add you in their family tree as well so that you can connect with their family and relatives, this process will continue vice versa, so you can know about your distinct family and ancestors as well.

Create An Account

Create your account with us, by just filling some essential information such as your name and mobile number, now set your password and you are ready to go.

Add Relatives

Add your family, relatives and ancestors to your family tree to give it a complete look, try to add mobile number of the active members of your family so that we can send them invitation request and they can add you back on their family tree as well.

Start Discussion

Stay connected to your family with vansavali, as we are giving facility of social wall, where you can share your daily activities and photograph among your family.

Invite your relative

Once you complete your family tree you can go to “My Family” Option and invite your family members and relative in order to expand your family tree.

Why Us

Vanshavali is designed after considering all probabilities of Indian families and relatives; we love to serve you with the most complex family tree in easiest way.

SMS Invite Message

As soon as you add your relatives Mobile Numbers, we send quick invitation So that they can add you back in there family tree.

User Friendly UI

Vanshavali is designed to provide you smooth and seamless experience with very simple user interface.

Discover Your Roots

When you add your family and relatives in your family tree, they can also add you back and like vice all links will be unlocked.

Times Fly with Us

Posts and activities which you have shared with your family are always stored with us in your timeline.

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