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“Why to go REVERSE when you can move FORWARD” And that was the start of ShrinetraInfotech unique we-procurement website, made with one focus - the Traders. As we all know in India the demand of coal is more than its supply then why to participate in reverse auction and lowering the profit. was founded on the promise that it should be easy for people to help save their hard earned money by mutual purchase and sell among traders.We are trying to help traders to calculate and evaluate all the options available in the market just by hassle free and simple options.At we love to transform the traditional market of selling coal to modern online market. helps all his traders to offer their product to the entire traders group. It was a radical idea, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter how well ourswe-procurement website is, if people don’t use it, you won’t save a single rupees. is made with the idea of sharing an information gateway between coal producer/miners/traders for their internal procurement. We-procurement is managing to purchase and sell (exchange) fuel according to demand among traders to traders and traders to miners only. At we love to work for traders and miners, helping them to secretly spreading the price and availability of fuel to understand the demand and supply and make the best profit of their resources. It involves lowering down operating, raw material and other costs associated with doing business. Whether it is the money spent on goods or services for direct inputs (raw goods and materials), indirect material (office supplies and other expenses), or services (temporary and contract labor, print services, etc.), a company needs a mechanism by which they are not only able to save money but control costs. This process also includes spend analysis, sourcing, procurement, receiving, payment settlement between traders to miners and traders to traders.

Our visitors list has no limits or boundaries or time limitations. Information available 24X7 on the web makes your business run when you are sleeping or away with family on tour. It helps to connect the interested parties. Through we provide to bring coal people together.

Today we’re still all about the suppliers and giving people innovative solutions to help them contribute to the company savings. Our people say it feels just like shopping from home. In fact people will like it so much that most traders will see a user adoption rate of almost 100%!. helps companies to create an environment of responsible spending, and by doing that they can save money. After all, website doesn’t spend money, people do. And when we’re united by a common purpose, great things happen. E-procurement is an outdated concept; it’s time for We-procurement.

Ours we-procurement suite offers in-depth value across the full spectrum including:

  • Khadigadi sell
  • Parchi Sell
  • Port sell
  • Plot sell
  • Supply planning
  • Contract Management
  • Budgeting

Hot Offers

Commodity Coal
Origin Indian
Location WCL (MP) (Nehariya)
Sub Location Nehariya
GCV 4500
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Commodity Coal
Origin Indian
Location WCL (MH) (Naigaon)
Sub Location Naigaon
GCV 4600
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Commodity Coal
Origin Indian
Location WCL (MP) (Satpura II)
Sub Location Satpura II
GCV 4000
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Commodity Coal
Origin Indian
Location WCL (MP) (Shobhapur)
Sub Location Shobhapur
GCV 4100
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